Future Wales –Looking forwards or backwards?


Future Wales – Looking forwards or backwards?

19 Nov 2020
Future Wales – The National Development Framework (NDF) was laid before the Senedd for a 60 day ‘consideration period’ on 21 September 2020. The intention is that it will be published in its final version in February 2021. Welsh Government has recently also commenced consultation on the proposed formation of Corporate Joint Committees that will oversee the production of Strategic Development Plans (SDPs).

In this Insight we consider the socio-economic implications of structural demographic issues surrounding the ageing population of Wales. These issues are highlighted but not resolved by Future Wales nor is any clear guidance offered on how they might be addressed in future SDPs and Local Development Plans (LDPs). Trend based population and household projections form a logical basis for considering demographic led issues in development plan preparation but to what extent do we want to repeat the trends of the past?