Supporting Scotland’s Growth: What Next for Town Centre and Retail Development?


Supporting Scotland’s Growth

What Next for Town Centre and Retail Development?

26 Oct 2016

Scotland's town and city centres have evolved significantly in recent years in response to changing consumer behaviour and the growth of multi-channel shopping. UK-wide forecasts for the sector are mixed, and earlier this year the British Retail Consortium's Retail 2020' report predicted that the rate of change within the retail workforce is set to quicken as the digital revolution further reshapes the industry.

However, the effects of these changes will differ across the UK and, whilst many wider trends apply, town centre and retail development in Scotland is subject to its own unique challenges and opportunities.

This research considers both the current contribution that our town and retail centres in Scotland make to the economy and also the direction in which the sector is likely to move over the coming years. This paper will be of particular interest to any asset managers, investors or retail and leisure operators in Scotland, and offers insight into the recent structural changes within the sector, as well as the specific areas which continue to offer growth potential.