Cardiff City Deal and mandatory pre-application consultation breakfast seminar

27 Sep 2017
On Wednesday 27 September Lichfield’s Cardiff Office held a successful breakfast seminar at Cardiff’s historic Coal Exchange. The event was attended by a variety of key players in the development industry in South Wales.
Planning Director Simon Coop discussed the opportunities presented by the City Deal for the Cardiff Capital Region. The talk centred on the need for the development industry to take a proactive approach, through engagement in the City Deal process, to ensure the potential benefits are maximised and also considered how the City Deal is likely to influence future development patterns in the region.
In addition, Senior Director John Cottrell  took time to reflect on the impact of Welsh Government’s requirement for mandatory pre-application consultation for major development schemes. This included a discussion on Lichfields’ experience to date, as well as what lessons can be learnt to ensure that development proposals successfully negotiate this consultation procedure.
Lichfields’ guide to the consultation requirement in Wales can be found here, while further information on how we can help you on any project requiring consultation or engagement can also be found here.
We were delighted to see so many of our clients and colleagues join us, as well as many new faces in the audience. We hope that all attendees found the seminar to be a useful update on planning matters in Wales and also enjoyed using it as a forum to meet others in the industry

John Cottrell, Senior Director