Mayor of London, London Housing Strategy Draft for Public Consultation September 2017

06 Sep 2017
The Mayor’s plans for addressing the housing crisis
The Mayor of London has today published his 200 page-plus London Housing Strategy Draft for Consultation, with an executive summary and easy-to-read version alongside. Comments have to be submitted by 7 December 2017. The finalised Housing Strategy will be published in 2018 and will form the basis for housing policy in the new draft London Plan that is due in November this year. Very many of the proposals in the draft Strategy will be elaborated on in that Plan.
This Lichfields table highlights the most important elements of the draft Strategy and their implications for the development sector. At the heart of the draft Strategy - in the Mayor’s own words – is a fundamental recognition of the capital’s housing problem and a less-than-radical but meaningful response:
The biggest shortfall by far between what we are building now and what we need is amongst homes that are genuinely affordable to Londoners. That is why my new housing strategy sets out an approach that will start to rebalance housing supply in London.
There have already been moves in this direction – read more here, in the latest Lichfields’ blog.