Scotland planning news, December 2019


Scotland planning news, December 2019

03 Dec 2019



Headline news


SNP proposes amending planning policies to tackle climate change

Within its manifesto for the general election, the Scottish National Party (SNP) has committed making changes to the Scottish planning system, in order to tackle climate change. The Party considers that people need to cut down their individual carbon footprints and a way of facilitating this is ‘changing planning rules, decarbonising the railways and building better infrastructure’. The manifesto also says Scotland has the world’s most ‘ambitious emissions reductions targets’  with the aim of becoming carbon neutral by 2040.  Improving transport infrastructure, utilising green taxes and achieving a greener energy mix are some of the methods mentioned within the manifesto within the context of aiming to decrease Scotland’s carbon footprint. The manifesto also refers to the ban on issuing new fracking licences, reported in last month’s Lichfields Scotland Planning News.

Scottish National Party, Manifesto 2019



Quote of the month


The Scottish Government believe that existing prohibition order making powers provide the due process for extinguishing planning permissions and that wider use should be made of these powers in respect of peat sites where resumption of development is unlikely.

John McNairney, Chief Planner


Scottish Government consults on the permitted development rights review programme

The Scottish Government has opened a consultation regarding the proposed work programme for reviewing and extending permitted development rights in Scotland, and the Sustainability Appraisal that accompanies it. The first and current stage seeks views on the proposed work programme via a set of questions included in an Annex. The next and future consultation stage will involve engagement with stakeholders and undertaking public consultations on the potential alterations the Scottish Government may propose for permitted development rights. The current consultation closes on the 28th January 2020.

Scottish Government, Local Government and Communities Directorate, Reviewing and extending permitted development rights: consultation

Chief Planner letter, November 2019

The Chief Planner John Mcnairney has written to all the Heads of Planning in Scotland detailing what powers are available to planning authorities in terms of combating historical peat extraction sites, following queries being made to the Scottish Government while the Planning Bill was being considered. The letter essentially points planners to the existing order making powers, especially paragraph 3 of Schedule 8 to the 1997 Act which outlines how authorities can order the resumption of minerals development if no development has been carried out for two years and is unlikely to resume. Consequently, the notion that a new planning permission is needed to continue work on the land is reaffirmed.

Scottish Government, Commercial extraction of peat: Chief Planner letter November 2019

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