FEMAplan | Defining Functional Economic Market Areas



Defining Functional Economic Market Areas

When planning for economic growth, the Government’s Planning Practice Guidance (PPG) states that economic needs should be assessed in relation to relevant Functional Economic Market Areas (FEMAs), that is, the spatial level at which local economies and markets actually operate. In most cases, these will extend beyond existing administrative boundaries.
The guidance requires local planning authorities and their partners to consider the most appropriate spatial scale across which to assess and plan to meet economic needs.
Lichfields has developed the FEMAplan framework for assessing the scope and nature of FEMAs. This builds upon our strong track record and market-leading expertise in assessing economic needs and advising on local economic growth.
FEMAplan provides a flexible tool for local authorities, groups of authorities and Local Enterprise Partnerships to define patterns of economic activity and demand, and use this intelligence to shape an important part of economic evidence base development.
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