Economic footprint

Measuring the economic impact of corporate activities

The development industry has an essential role in providing the investment needed to support economic growth. Leading organisations increasingly want to take a strategic perspective of the contribution they make to the national and local economy through their development portfolios and investments.

Assessing an Economic footprint provides the opportunity to quantify the benefits and impacts of corporate activities and operations. It is an essential part of measuring the value added by an organisation and can be applied in a number of contexts including corporate social responsibility reporting, communicating wider value to stakeholders (investors, local councils, government) and providing differentiation from competitors.
The Economic footprint framework has been developed by Lichfields to help our clients assess the socio-economic footprint of their assets and activities.
We’re proud to be a major long term employer and investor in the UK regions and cities where we operate and our work with Lichfields allows us to demonstrate how this delivers economic regeneration, city centre transformation, more customer choice and jobs.


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