Airport Safeguarding


Airport Safeguarding

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We have a strong track record in the assessment of airport safeguarding and the impacts of proposed third party development on airport operations. For most airports in the UK, development frequently takes place around an airport and certain types of development have the potential to affect an airport’s operations. Protecting airports and ensuring a continuation of safe operations means that such development must be carefully regulated through the application of national-level aviation and town planning regulations and guidance. We provide support throughout the safeguarding process by helping clients demonstrate the continuation of safe and efficient operations at or near an airport – including during the construction and operational stages of a proposed scheme. We have developed a bespoke airport safeguarding assessment, called AERONAUTICAL ASSESSMENTS, which combines the technical review of aeronautical impact, measured against town planning guidance and aviation regulations, and seeking the views of the relevant aeronautical stakeholders.

If airports are to continue to grow and develop, particularly those close to urban areas, it is vital that inappropriate development, which could impact on airport operations, is carefully regulated through safeguarding.

David Gavin, Senior Director, Lichfields