AkzoNobel Manufacturing Facility


AkzoNobel Manufacturing Facility


AkzoNobel made a big commitment to the UK when it decided to develop a world-class decorative paint manufacturing plant at Ashington in Northumberland. Whilst the investment and boost to the local economy was very much welcomed, the proposal’s impacts on the environment needed to be fully assessed and explained, particularly to residents living close by. Lichfields co-ordinated a comprehensive Environmental Statement, which fully assessed all aspects of the facility’s construction and operation in accordance with the Environmental Impact Assessment regulations. We also appreciated that local residents wanted to understand exactly how the facility would operate so we undertook an extensive community consultation exercise to explain. As a result, the planning application was well received and determined without delay.

It is most satisfying that we were able to play a key role in securing major inward investment into the north east region from a leading global manufacturing company in AkzoNobel.

Jonathan Wallace, Senior Director and Head of Newcastle Office, Lichfields

Image credit: AkzoNobel