Scrooby Quarry, Nottinghamshire


Scrooby Quarry

Rotherham Sand & Gravel Co.

Rotherham Sand & Gravel invited Lichfields to prepare a planning submission for the working and restoration of a sand and gravel working site close to their operating base in North Nottinghamshire. The scheme, located within a rural area notable for its arable agricultural land use, presents opportunity for the creation of wetland water features following the completion of minerals extraction. An interesting feature of the scheme, due to the height of the water table, was that the site has to be dewatered dry before the sand can be extracted.
The quarry may be operated in accordance with a modern planning permission. The site was originally permitted by an ‘old minerals permission’, its  planning conditions have now been updated to reflect modern working requirements through the planning process of Minerals Review.
The availability of minerals reserve makes a valuable contribution to the county land bank of permitted aggregate reserves.
Located in the Idle Valley, the minerals working will make an important contribution to meeting local demand for a wide grade of sands, as well as providing nature conservation and recreational interest following  completion.
Minerals development takes many forms, each presenting opportunities for positive after use. This doesn’t always have to take the form of built development, but may as in this case result in nature conservation and recreational benefits to the local area.

Jonathan Standen, Planning Director, Lichfields