Digital consultation

Digital consultation

Fully integrated digital and virtual engagement as part of a holistic consultation offer



Audience building

With a suite of innovative promotional tools, we can broaden your community reach and promote active engagement in the consultation process.

Digital delivery

Take your audience on a journey through the project with a great looking website, enabling a genuine and interactive community engagement experience.

Digital interaction

Translate your content into highly attractive visual outputs and engaging digital experiences. Our interactive services include:

  • Highlighting masterplan elements
  • Demonstrating economic benefits
  • Bringing drone footage to life
  • Producing engaging video content
  • Interactive documents


Combine a range of multi-media tools such as online chat, surveys, virtual exhibitions, online workshops and webinars to engage and interact with your audience.

Analysis and reporting

A suite of analytical and reporting features which help you understand feedback on your scheme and how you might respond.

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