Realising Potential

The scale and role of specialist land promoters in housing delivery

21 May 2018
Land promoters are companies who invest in the promotion of the land through the planning system to achieve allocations and planning permission for new homes, with supporting infrastructure. They work alongside the house builder sector, providing “oven ready” land with planning permission that can easily be picked up and built out by national and regional housebuilders - with their own individual preferences on housing types, and layout - to bring homes to the market in a timely manner to meet local needs.
A group of the leading land promotion companies has come together to form a federation – the Land Promoters and Developers Federation (LPDF) – to represent the sector’s interest.
To accompany its launch, the LPDF asked Lichfields to explore the contribution that the sector makes to delivery of new housing, based on a review of sites of over 100 residential units outside London. The research report – Realising Potential – presents the findings of this analysis, and reveals that land promoters secure permission for 41% of homes.
The findings will be timely given the ongoing debate on so-called ‘land banking’ and the Letwin Review of Build Out in respect of large housing developments.