Supreme Court judgment: how to use NPPF policies


Supreme Court judgment: how to use NPPF policies

16 May 2017
The judgment of the Supreme Court in relation to Suffolk Coastal District Council v Hopkins Homes and Richborough Estates v Cheshire East Borough Council was handed down on 10 May 2017.
Whilst directly relating to these two housing schemes, it has much broader implications for all types of development throughout the UK, in terms of:
  1. The relationship between national planning policy and the statutory plan;

  2. The role of planning decision-makers UK-wide, as experts who are entitled (and required) to make judgments, compared to the role of the court in interpreting law and policy; and,

  3. A concern regarding an over-legalisation of planning process.

We have identified four key issues arising from the judgment and four implications that it is likely to have upon the development industry.
Please see Lichfields’ latest Planning News Update for more details.