Lichfields gallops to success after Hatchfield Farm inquiry


Lichfields gallops to success after Hatchfield Farm inquiry

23 Mar 2020
Lichfields has helped secure permission for the development of 400 homes at Hatchfield Farm in Newmarket – the international home of the horse-racing industry.
In 2013, the application was called in by the Secretary of State, and Lichfields gave expert evidence on the scheme’s impact on the racing industry to the 2015 public inquiry. Our work showed there would be no adverse impact on its long-term health (indeed, it would bring significant benefits to the town as a whole); a position accepted by the Inspector. The Secretary of State nevertheless refused permission, but this was overturned in the Courts.
In 2019 the inquiry re-opened, and Lichfields gave new evidence showing the racing industry had continued to thrive; again the Inspector agreed and recommended permission be granted. This time around the Secretary of State agreed with the Inspector’s decision, and permission was granted in March 2020.
Lichfields continues to support Lord Derby on the next stages of this project to help bring much-needed new homes to the local area. The site was first identified for development in 2009, but it took two local plans, two planning applications, three public inquiries, and two judicial reviews to secure a successful outcome.  
We are delighted to have played our part in getting Hatchfield Farm over the line. The unique circumstances of Newmarket, the scale of objections from some members of the horse racing industry, and the sheer length of time it has taken, meant this project generated a lot of interest. Our work at both inquiries demonstrates the ability of Lichfields to apply its analytical and expert witness skills to a diverse range of economic sectors and projects.

Matthew Spry, Senior Director

Photo by Paul via Flickr