Objective Assessments of Local Housing Needs

Headroom is Lichfields' bespoke framework for objectively assessing local housing requirements. Launched in July 2010, it has been used by developers in over 100 locations to support planning applications and appeals, and to accompany representations on Local Plan housing targets. It also has been used by Councils, which gives it wider credibility as an independent and objective piece of evidence. Fully updated to comply with the National Planning Practice Guidance - including integrating ‘Market Signals’ into the assessment - Headroom provides a comprehensive approach to objectively assessing housing needs.
Why Headroom?
  • Tried and tested at examination and appeal.
  • Industry-standard POPGROUP demographic modelling software, drawing on relevant ONS and CLG assumptions.
  • Intelligent application of the latest CLG 2011-based Interim Household Projections. 
  • Flex all the key assumptions to understand implications of alternative scenarios. 
  • Consistent with the ‘What Homes Where’ toolkit and credible with public and private sectors. 
  • In-house planning, economic and demographic expertise - with access to all relevant datasets - means Lichfields can fully review and critique Councils’ evidence base and approach.
  • Transparent presentation of input assumptions and outputs.
  • Not just number-crunching: looks beyond demographics to consider housing and economic drivers of demand. Tests need alongside supply-side capacity, delivery and policy factors.
  • Outputs at sub-region, local and settlementspecific levels.
  • Delivered by Lichfields without the need for external sub-contractors, giving full control over modelling inputs and assumptions for improved efficiency and effective reporting.
  • A dedicated team of 15 consultants with Headroom experience provides strength in depth across our offices.
  • Results of analysis presented clearly through technical reports, supporting charts and infographics
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