Headroom | Understanding local housing needs



Understanding local housing needs

Over a decade on from its introduction, the NPPF continues to place emphasis on authorities meeting housing needs and reinforces the Government’s desire to significantly boost housing supply. The NPPF also places a renewed importance on the need for authorities to plan for the right types of homes – including affordable housing, families, older people, students, renters and people with disabilities - and for these needs to be reflected in plan policies.
Headroom combines our unrivalled expertise and experience in this area to create a framework which addresses all aspects of housing need. It provides a clear and easy to understand suite of tools which can be used to understand overall housing needs and to identify the need for different tenures and types of housing. It can also be easily adapted to be used for individual schemes, settlements, districts and wider housing market areas and has been applied across the country for the purposes of plan-making, applications and appeals.

Reasons to use headroom:

  • Tried and tested in 200+ studies nationally, including at local plan examinations and appeals; 

  • Reflects requirements in the NPPF and PPG, including understanding the need for different types of housing; 

  • Ensures policies are evidence-based, robust and fit for purpose;

  • Specialist team with market-leading experience on housing need;

  • Clear, evidence-based reports with easy to-understand outputs;

  • Draws upon local knowledge from across our network of offices; and 

  • Wide range of applications across the public and private sector. 
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