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Making the Connections

One of the key challenges currently facing those focused on accelerating the growth of homes, jobs and services is that this can only occur alongside the delivery of supporting infrastructure.
Legal and political complexities can too often mean that projects at all scales are simply not being brought forward in time to act as the necessary driver for development. Lichfields' range of services developed through our extensive work in infrastructure planning provides an often missing link between the inputs into the process; assisting in facilitating infrastructure delivery from project inception through to implementation.
Our team has a breadth of knowledge across planning, economics and urban design specialisms and has unrivalled expertise in creating the evidence base to promote strategic schemes and release sites for development. Whether fibre optic infrastructure, waste facilities, road upgrades, rail freight interchanges, port or airport development, we have the skills and experience to help. This includes assisting with formulating the need case and securing funding, assessing the impacts and alternatives, and identifying solutions to deliver development.