Integrate | Assessing Development Needs through an Integrated Evidence Base



Assessing Development Needs through an Integrated Evidence Base

Lichfields' Integrate framework sets out a joined-up approach to objectively assessing development needs. It draws upon Lichfields' tried and tested methodologies for assessing the need for employment (Workspace), housing (Headroom), retail and leisure, and infrastructure. Integrate provides a robust basis for developing a Local Plan where the underlying assumptions and scenarios for growth across all key land use sectors are consistent, whilst also delivering an efficient evidence base tailored to the core requirements of the NPPF and the National Planning Practice Guidance.
Why Join Up the Evidence?
  • Ensures consistency across the evidence base.
  • Minimises risks of contradiction between different studies.
  • Full alignment of development needs across different uses and different scenarios.
  • An integrated platform for decision-making within the Local Plan.
  • Provides a succinct and proportionate evidence base.
  • Can deliver cost savings on individual studies through joint commissioning and management.
Both pieces of work were carried out to a high standard, with excellent communication between officers and Lichfields' staff throughout. We believe that the work makes a significant contribution to a robust evidence base for Harrow’s LDF

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