Alton Towers Resort


Alton Towers Resort

Merlin Attractions Operations Ltd

Since 1990 Lichfields has secured planning permission for a wide range of new rides and attractions, as well as two hotels, tree houses and a lodge development at Alton Towers Resort. This has enabled the theme park to be transformed from a day attraction to a multi-day resort which has wide ranging economic benefits, and is now the UK’s most visited theme park. We have also prepared a long term plan for the site which establishes development aspirations over a 10 year period supported by various technical assessments. Lichfields co-ordinated the long term plan production as well as providing advice on planning, heritage, landscape and visual impact and economic benefits. Recent projects include CBeebies Land, Tree Top Quest, Rollercoaster Restaurant, and the Enchanted Village.

Our role as planning advisor to Alton Towers Resort is to balance this sensitive heritage site with the commercial requirements of a resort theme park. We’ve been successful in securing a succession of exciting rides and attractions to ensure this unique site continues to be a great place to visit. 

Hannah Whitney, Planning Director, Lichfields

Image credit: Alton Towers Resort