Carlyon Bay


Carlyon Bay


Carlyon Bay in Cornwall is situated on the northern edge of St Austell Bay and comprises three beaches. It has a complex history, starting in the 1850s, when the beaches were formed due to the china clay industry. A major leisure facility developed in the twentieth century, including the ‘famous’ Cornwall Coliseum.

CEG, acting for the owners of the semi-derelict site, invited Lichfields to assist with various complex planning issues in 2005 and, following an appeal about new sea defences, an interesting journey commenced, ultimately achieving broad consensus and support for a new development. Lichfields was a core member of CEG’s team, consulting extensively, designing exhibitions, and preparing an application for 511 apartments and leisure facilities along with sea defences.

Inevitably, the location and project raised complex technical matters which Lichfields explained in planning documentation, including a comprehensive Environmental Statement. Lichfields continues to advise on various facets of this unique project.