Customer Profiling and Target Location Analysis


Customer Profiling and Target Location Analysis

Client: Private and Confidential

Lichfields was asked to carry out analysis to support the growth of a business within an investment fund’s portfolio – an operator of five-a-side football centres. Its purpose was to assess the locational drivers of financial performance for some of its existing centres, and to use this to then identify the optimum locations for development of new facilities across the UK. This was part of an ambitious expansion plan.
Using our GIS capabilities we relied on a rigorous interrogation of the data. We began by investigating the company’s existing facilities in terms of location, profitability, catchment and customers. This helped us understand the commercial factors likely to drive the most successful facilities. In the second phase, we mapped competitor provision and used spatial modelling of key socio-economic and demographic indicators to identify locations where the commercial opportunities were likely to be greatest.

This project was a great example of how Lichfields’ spatial analytics capabilities can help our clients focus and drive value from their investment.

Matthew Spry, Senior Director, Head of Economics, Lichfields