Dylon 2, Lower Sydenham


Dylon 2, Lower Sydenham

Lichfields played an instrumental role in securing full planning permission on appeal for 151 dwellings on a Metropolitan Open Land (MOL) site adjacent to Lower Sydenham railway station. We provided expert witness evidence on MOL, housing need and supply, the Very Special Circumstances (VSC), including the socio-economic benefits, and the overall planning balance elements of the case.
Lichfields’ evidence helped to demonstrate that:
  • the replacement of unattractive single storey buildings / structures with two (3/5 and 5/8 storey) high quality residential buildings would amount to no greater impact on openness;

  • there is not a 5YHLS in the LB Bromley; and

  • the benefit and weight to attach to the market and affordable homes proposed and to other elements collectively provided the VSC to outweigh the limited harm adjudged to MOL openness.
The approved scheme will transform the underutilised site, providing new homes alongside a new landscaped, publicly accessible park, to provide a development which the Inspector agreed is of exceptional architectural placemaking quality.
Lichfields attention to detail in their work and high-level analysis of Housing Supply, Need, MOL, and other matters is second to none.  Their input played a key role in us securing planning permission on such a complex site; a great team to work with.

Iain Hutchinson,  Dylon 2 and Relta Ltd.