Faringdon Neighbourhood Plan Economic Strategy Support


Faringdon Neighbourhood Plan Economic Strategy Support

Faringdon Chamber of Commerce and Faringdon Town Council

We were asked by the Chamber of Commerce and Town Council of this Oxfordshire market town to bring together a range of evidence that could be used to shape economic policies within the emerging Faringdon Neighbourhood Plan. Our Economic Development Strategy focused on the key economic issues facing Faringdon and suggested potential uses for a number of employment sites that are available for development but have failed to come forward over recent years.

Drawing upon our expertise in Local Plan evidence base development, we identified a number of key economic priorities for the town to focus on in order to deliver its economic vision. We also provided some practical guidance for the Neighbourhood Plan on promoting the town as a business location, ensuring a sufficient supply of space to accommodate business growth, and revitalising the Town Centre to enhance its attractiveness as a hub for local businesses and services.

We have been impressed with the diligence and thoroughness of the work carried out by Lichfields for the town. It is the beginning of some major work and we would have no hesitation in asking Lichfields for further assistance as the project progresses. The patience and helpfulness of the staff are to be commended.

Faringdon Chamber of Commerce