Gas-powered energy generating facilities


Gas-powered energy generating facilities

Welsh Power Group Limited

Lichfields is responsible for advising Welsh Power Group Limited on its national portfolio of gas-based short term operating reserve (STOR) power generating facilities. These range from 14MW to 20MW and provide reserve energy at short notice to the National Grid during periods of exceptional demand or when energy generation from renewables sources is insufficient. We help Welsh Power Group Limited at each stage of the planning process from initial site appraisals through to securing the necessary planning consents, and thereby ensuring greater energy security for the UK.

These STOR facilities play a critical role in enabling a renewable energy future, covering the period when the sun does not shine or the wind does not blow. We are delighted with how our relationship with Welsh Power has developed over a relatively short period of time and are proud of our successes in helping it deliver its UK roll-out, which makes such an important contribution to the Country’s energy supply resilience.

Hugh Scanlon, Senior Director, Lichfields