Grassholme Reservoir, Northumbrian Water Limited


Grassholme Reservoir

Northumbrian Water Limited

As part of Lichfields ongoing work for Northumbrian Water Limited (NWL) we provided town planning advice regarding works to address safety matters at Grassholme Reservoir. Lichfields provided holistic Planning and Environmental Assessment services including the preparation and co-ordination of an Environmental Impact Assessment, a Planning Statement, advising on public consultation and managing negotiations with the Local Planning Authority and Statutory Consultees.
Situated within the North Pennines Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and with the works requiring the removal and translocation of Semi Natural Ancient Woodland and the realignment of a watercourse, the development required a sensitive approach. Lichfields worked with the project engineers and wider consultant team to deliver a robust solution, taking care to preserve and minimise disruption to the natural environment as far as possible.
Lichfields continues to advise on the delivery of various aspects of this challenging project.
Lichfields is key member of our project team, and has continuously provided sound advice on all aspects of planning and EIA. They collaborated efficiently and proactively led discussions with the local planning authority and statutory consultees, spearheading a way forward in challenging circumstances. The planning and EIA documentation was, as is usual with Lichfields, of a very high quality and standard and ultimately led to the planning application being granted.

Michael Ciaraldi, NWL Project Manager