Swindon Joint Employment Land, Retail and Leisure Needs Assessment

Swindon Borough Council

This integrated study provides a long-term assessment of the business need for commercial space, employment land, and retail and leisure uses in Swindon Borough. It provides the Council with a clear understanding of the current economic situation and future requirements of the local business economy, alongside a clear market-based picture of the types and locations of sites which should be newly allocated, continue to be allocated, or be re-allocated for different uses. The study assesses recent and likely future market trends which will affect the high street e.g. home shopping. It provides a qualitative analysis of the existing retail and commercial leisure facilities and identifies the role of each centre and the relationship between the centres.

Our wealth of in-house expertise across all the key sectors enabled Lichfields to help Swindon robustly evidence development needs for their emerging Local Plan.

Peter Wilks, Senior Director, Lichfields

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