Neighbourly Matters

Neighbourly Matters


Core services


Daylight, Sunlight & Overshadowing

Working closely with architects, developers, EIA consultants, local planning authorities and residents Lichfields provides clear and succinct natural lighting advice and reports.
We provide practical advice on a development’s effect on neighbouring buildings, open spaces and on road and rail traffic.
From initial façade and overview advice to detailed internal daylight mapping, we provide practical guidance on developments of all scale ranging from residential extensions to strategic masterplans.


Rights of Light

Standing outside the planning process, rights to light can have a significant effect on a site’s potential. Early analysis and strategic advice can reduce or remove rights issues. Working with designers, developers or advising neighbours we are experienced in providing strategies and undertaking neighbourly negotiations to guide parties through this often challenging issue.

Appeals and Inquiries

We are able to provide support and representation to developers and Local Planning Authorities at Planning Committee, Planning Appeal Hearings and at Inquiry Hearings. We have a proven track record of successful representation where analysis indicates deviations from Local and National standards.

Solar Glare

Usually not a matter discussed at the planning stage, it is possible that the issue of reflected sunlight effecting road and rail driver’s ability to view signals may be raised either by Local Authorities, or Network Rail. Our works are undertaken as a two-stage process.

The first stage determines if and when reflected sunlight from a proposed development would be visible to drivers using the adjacent roads or rail lines. If the stage one assessments highlight potential issues we undertake a second assessment to determine the intensity of the reflected light.

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