Property Transaction Advisory services

Property Transaction Advisory

Due diligence and appraisals

We support mergers and acquisitions and other property transactions by applying our planning and development services to evaluate the planning position and prospects for a portfolio of assets prior to investment. Our scale and national network gives us capacity to advise on the largest transactions, and last year we advised on deals worth over £3.5bn.
We support mergers and acquisitions and other transactions by applying our planning and development services to help evaluate the planning position and prospects of a portfolio of assets prior to an investment. We also provide expert evidence on matters that are being resolved through litigation. Our wider analytical and corporate real estate advisory services assist clients in realising the full potential of their investments. This can be through evaluating the potential to enhance an asset, realise development opportunities or a combination of both.
We work collaboratively alongside the UK’s leading legal, financial and property advisors. Our independence, 200-strong planning team and ability to mobilise our national network of offices, gives us an unparalleled capacity to support the largest transactions, with hundreds of individual property assets. In 2021-22 we supported corporate M&A deals worth over £3.5bn – including for two of the UK’s largest residential land promoters - plus countless individual investments in land and property.

Our services


Full due diligence reviews

Establish the full planning history and assess relevant risks for property assets.


Identify development potential, opportunities for enhancement, planning obligations and potential value uplift.

Market analysis

Assess regulatory risks and inform submissions to the Competition and Markets Authority.


Identify the overall prospects of success and help value a portfolio

Strategic advice

Help realise investment potential following the transaction

Lichfields is able to draw on a range of in-house specialists to provide technical input or supplementary advice on matters such as daylight and sunlight, listed buildings and heritage assets, economics and environmental impact assessment.

We are also able to advise on the implications of planning conditions, planning obligations and potential CIL liability.

Our Approach

Our approach is tailored to the needs of every client and project, but will typically involve:






Investigations into planning history, policy and other considerations. Our methods can include Local Land Charges searches and enquiries as well as independent research.
A thorough analysis and assessment of the research outcomes, including options for implementing development or enhancing the value of the asset in the future.
We provide clear and concise reports in a format to suit the project and client requirements, including interim or ‘red flag’ reports and advice in agreed proformas to assist corporate reporting.



Our Track Record

Much of our due diligence work is confidential or subject to non-disclosure agreements. Our recent work includes: