Great Estates: Planning for Estate Regeneration in London


Great Estates

Planning for Estate Regeneration in London

29 Sept 2021
Too many Londoners still live in substandard housing on poorly designed estates, which make suboptimal use of accessible and highly valuable urban land. Estate regeneration across London offers an unparalleled opportunity to help tackle the capital’s acute housing crisis, while delivering better homes, enhancing neighbourhoods and improving lives.
The benefits of well-executed estate regeneration are multi-faceted and wide ranging. These projects, however, can be protracted, challenging and contentious. They involve complex interacting planning, design, engagement and socio-economic considerations and require collaboration, commitment and effective communication among landowners, decision takers and particularly residents.
In this Insight, we consider patterns of estate regeneration across London before drawing on our experience to assess the planning challenges and opportunities facing this growing sector. We explore common themes and identify Lichfields’ best practice approaches to navigate estate regeneration through the planning process.