Invest to Grow: How Can Planning Support Inward Investment?


Invest to Grow

How Can Planning Support Inward Investment?

22 Nov 2016

A combination of factors – including the UK's decision to leave the EU, the change in Government and development of a new Industrial Strategy – have placed a renewed focus on how localities position themselves for economic growth and ensuring that the planning system is 'fit-for-purpose' to secure investment and growth.

Inward investment represents just one source of business growth, yet it remains one of the more challenging to quantify and plan for, given its ‘footloose’ nature. And in the aftermath of Brexit, the UK’s ability to make itself attractive to inward investment and overseas investors is now more important than ever.
Through a survey of Local Authorities and Local Enterprise Partnerships, this research paper explores the process of planning for inward investment in local areas and how local partners can be more pro-active in responding to and securing the full range of potential opportunities.