Out with the old, in with the new


Out with the old, in with the new

20 May 2024
Guiding principles for successfully repurposing town centre buildings
​Over recent years, our town and city centres have been subject to significant change, most notably through reduced demand for retail floorspace, and this has resulted in a growing interest in repurposing.
Repurposing is clearly a logical solution for many buildings that have fallen vacant. It is usually the most cost-effective and the most sustainable option - and it often enables heritage assets and other buildings of cultural significance to be retained.
However, it is also often more complex than it may at first seem. It is not always viable in isolation and many repurposing schemes involve some form of extension or linked development to ensure financial viability.

Furthermore, current building regulations often present real challenges – in both physical and viability terms - that are not obvious at first sight.

This Insight considers these various issues and draws upon Lichfields’ practical experience of helping to deliver viable repurposing schemes in the real world. In doing so, it shares the lessons we have learnt and identifies a series of guiding principles to assist others in successfully promoting the repurposing of built assets.

Insight authors

Jonathan Wallace

Chair, Senior Director

Laurence Holmes

Planning Director