Corporate Economic Footprint


Corporate Economic Footprint

Intu Properties plc

As one of the country’s largest retail developers and operators, intu makes a significant contribution to the UK economy through the regional shopping centres it owns and manages. Each year, we help intu articulate this contribution as part of its Corporate Responsibility reporting by quantifying the wide range of economic impacts generated by the employment and capital investment made by intu itself, as well as those supported by tenants who occupy retail, leisure and other space across the intu portfolio. Our analysis also takes account of intu’s multi million pound investment programme and the impacts anticipated to be generated within local communities by this investment over the coming years.
We’re proud to be a major long term employer and investor in the UK regions and cities where we operate and our work with Lichfields allow us to demonstrate how this vital investment delivers economic regeneration, city centre transformation, more customer choice and jobs.

Helen Drury, Corporate Responsibility Manager, Intu Properties plc

Image credit: Intu Properties plc