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Fulham Football Club

Fulham Football Club

In comparison to other leading football clubs, Craven Cottage, whilst small and intricate, is compromised in several respects. Adjacent to the River Thames, a public park and residential properties, along with a listed main stand, present challenges to upgrading and expansion. This context required any expansion to be thoroughly analysed and carefully justified. Lichfields worked with Fulham Football Club to secure planning permission for an enlarged riverside stand which, significantly, requires building into the River Thames – a highly unusual proposition.

Significant interest from residents, Thames’ rowing and sailing clubs, the Environment Agency and others required extensive, detailed discussions.

Lichfields managed the Environmental Statement, undertaking visual impact analysis, such as evening photography, to show how floodlighting impacts would be reduced. The economic impact report showed how local benefits would arise. The planning balance, explained in Lichfields’ report, showed how the benefits - including creating a critical part of the Thames Path - justified planning permission.

Lichfields’ experience of sports stadia was critical when explaining why Fulham’s riverside stadium had to be enlarged and oversail the River Thames. We provided a range of inputs to help Fulham Football Club achieve its aspirations to upgrade Craven Cottage.

Nick Thompson, Senior Director, Lichfields

Image credit: KSS Group