Static and interactive recycling heat mapping


Static and interactive recycling heat mapping

SUEZ recycling and recovery UK Ltd

Amid widespread confusion and lack of engagement with recycling across the UK, national recycling and resource management company SUEZ UK asked Lichfields to develop an interactive mapping tool specifically designed for members of the public.
With a vast array of publically available data our Spatial Analytics team collated, mapped and disseminated a range of information about recycling services, materials collected, waste arising per capita and collection frequency for each UK authority. Updated annually this new tool helps to provide members of the public with readily accessible information about their own authority’s recycling performance relative to the rest of the UK.

There is a good deal of publically available data for recycling and waste services at a local authority level, but we wanted to collate this information and present it in an easy-to-understand graphical format that everyone could use. We would like to thank WRAP and Resource Magazine for providing much of the raw data that made it possible, along with Lichfields who designed the map.

David Palmer-Jones, Chief Executive Officer, SUEZ recycling and recovery UK Ltd