Stocking Farm Solar Array


Stocking Farm Solar Array

Earthworm Energy PLC

Lichfields was instructed to prepare a planning application for the development of a ground-mounted solar array at Stocking Farm in the Gedling area of Nottinghamshire.
Contributing to the generation of low carbon energy to help fulfil the Government’s policy objectives on tackling climate change, the proposal was for a 4MW solar farm located on agricultural land within the Nottinghamshire Green Belt.
Lichfields was able to demonstrate that there were very special circumstances which justified the development within the Green Belt, notably the scheme providing the landowner with a means of achieving diversification in his agricultural business, resulting in security of farm income and future economy. The scheme also demonstrated that there were no other viable locations nearby when taking account of grid connections and capacity within the local grid network. Following the completion of the consultation process, acceptable planning permission was granted in the summer of 2016.
We are delighted that Gedling BC planning committee have granted us planning permission for this project and thank them for maintaining an objective view on what represents an appropriate development within the Green Belt. We are delighted with the work that Lichfields have done in presenting our case and securing approval for this development.

Tony Wheby, Earthworm Energy plc

Image credit: F1online digitale Bildagentur GmbH / Alamy Stock Photo