Strategic Land and Investment Review


Strategic Land and Investment Review

Client: Confidential

A major volume house builder had ambitious growth plans but wanted help to understand where and how it should remould its existing land bank, and shape its future investment in securing new sites. Lichfields’ combination of planning, economic, and spatial analytics skills made us well placed to understand the relevant economic, policy and housing need/demand factors, and build a picture of this across the UK.

The review helped to identify which locations had the best prospects for promoting land, based on factors such as employment and economic change, household growth, existing land trajectories, and political drivers. A gap analysis helped to identify those locations where the company’s land bank did not correlate with future housing growth potential. It also informed a debate about the potential location of operating regions within the company.

The outputs of the analysis were illustrated using GIS mapping and presented in the form of a slide deck, which was reported at board level and in a series of regional workshops.

This work really helped our client focus their future land buying activity, and indeed to refine their operating model in terms of targeting new locations. It also gave the Lichfields team a great insight of our client’s business objectives, enabling us to better meet their needs in the future.

Matthew Spry, Senior Director, Lichfields