Lichfields | ESG | Governance


Lichfields is a staff-owned company with the shares vested in an employee benefit trust. The trust’s Board includes two senior directors and two associate directors from Lichfields; and an independent trustee. The company is operated for the benefit of its clients and staff. We aim to build a sustainable business through consistent, profitable growth and to make sure we act responsibly in meeting the obligations we have to our staff and stakeholders within the communities that we work. Our values permeate everything we do, and our ownership structure allows us to take a long-term view, free from the short-term pressures that can arise from having shareholders external to the business.
Our Board is responsible for corporate governance of the company and monitoring of its performance against the business strategy. The business strategy is formulated each year in consultation with staff and agreed by the senior directors. A risk register identifies and analyses the risks to the achievement of our business strategy and ensures that appropriate management measures are in place to control them.

The Board includes two non-executive directors with considerable experience in corporate governance and the property and professional services industries. A remuneration committee, made up of the non-executive directors, has responsibility for all matters relating to senior director remuneration.
The One Company Group (OCG), which is chaired by the Chief Executive, is responsible for coordinating the operation of the company and the delivery of the business strategy. Lichfields has quality management and environmental management systems in place which are ISO 9001 and 14001 certified.
We have the mechanisms and processes in place to control and operate the company effectively, in line with good practice in governance.